May 17

More Fun at Jungle Flight

We had a great 2013. Lots of great people visited Jungle Flight and experienced the jungle canopy using our zipline course. Our Jungle safaris have also been a big hit. Our groups have regularly spotted lots of tropical birds as well as monkeys.

We have been busy improving the fun we have to offer visitors to Jungle Flight. We have been busy constructing a tree canopy adventure course.

The first stage involves walking on suspended logs facing parallel to the direction of travel.


The second stage has more suspended logs, this time facing side on.


On the third stage you walk across suspended car tires.


The fourth stage on the zip line takes you back to the start.


It is trickier than it looks as the logs and tires move around when you step on them. You enjoy both the great views of the jungle as well the challenge of navigating the course and the final thrill of the zipline back to the starting point.

As always, safety is of paramount importance. We use the best safety equipment. Everyone doing the canopy adventure course has to wear a helmet and is attached to a safety line.


Tree Canopy Adventure costs 500 Thai Baht a person and includes rides on all the ziplines at Jungle Flight.

Oct 25

Welcome to Jungle Flight

zipline in Bantai

Welcome to the Jungle

We are an established center for jungle tours and activities. We offer several exciting options:

  • There are ziplines to explore the jungle and enjoy the exhilaration of flying through the air.
  • Trekking safaris with the chance of seeing Koh Phangan’s wildlife
  • Fruit tours
  • Customized tours of the jungle

Jungle Flight is run by an experienced farmer and guide who has extensive knowledge of the pristine rainforest environment of Koh Phangan. He pays strict attention to both preserving the integrity of the wild environment as well as ensuring the safety of his customers. We use high quality safety equipment purchased in Bangkok . Please explore this site to find out more about the adrenaline rush of ziplines as well the beautiful natural environment of the tropical island.


We have two long ziplines to take you over and through the jungle. We offer a total of 400 meters high up in the air in Koh Phangan with a view of the island that few visitors get to see.


  • Zipline Experience is 400 Thai Baht per person with group discounts available.

one of our ziplines

Jungle Safaris

We know the paths through the jungle as well as the routes off the path. Discover the wildlife of Phangan Island. Although we cannot guarantee you seeing all the animals of the forest (that’s nature), we are certain you will see some of the following:

  • 2 types of wild monkey – gibbons and macaques
  • Variety of snakes including pythons and green tree snakes
  • Such birds as shikra, black eagle and the greater racket tailed drongo, common myna, Chinese sparrowhawk and Brahminy kite
  • A great variety of trees, flowers and fauna of the forest


Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite


  • 500 Thai Baht a person for 3 hour jungle trek with group discounts available
  • 800 Thai baht a person for special jungle tour with zipline experience

Sep 24

Jungle Flight now on Trip Advisor


It is very important for a tourist-based business like Jungle Flight in Koh Phangan to get internet exposure. The best way to do this is through reviews. Jungle Flight is very pleased to announce that it has now been recognised as one of the ‘things to do’ on Koh Phangan.

At the time of writing Jungle Flight had 2 reviews on Trip Advisor, and is ranked number 34 out of 38 in the category ‘Tours and Activities in Koh Phangan’. This is not a great number of reviews or a very high position, but it is a good place to start.

As to be expected from genuine reviews there is a mixed response. On the positive side, our new ATV tours seem to be a hit. On the negative side, people have commented that the ziplines are not extensive enough and not the best value. We are listening to the comments and are hoping to add to the excitement of the zipline experience.

Another positive are the comments about Chai and his willingness to demonstrate the ziplines and make sure the safety equipment is correctly used. He is friendly, speaks some English and is always ready with an encouraging comment and a joke.

Jungle Flight is delighted to be on Trip Advisor and is determined to garner more good reviews and continue to improve the fun activities on offer.

May 05

Khao Sok National Park


Many of our visitors to Jungle Flight at Baan Tai have so much fun in the canopy of Koh Phangan that they are keen to have more outdoor adventures in Thailand during their holiday. One place I always recommend for experiencing the beauty of the Thai jungle is Khao Sok National Park on the mainland. It is one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Thailand.

Khao Sok National Park is about 2 hours’ drive from Suratthani City. You can catch a public bus from the bus station on Talat Mai 31. There are also minibuses running every hour from 7.30 am to 5 pm. Tickets cost about 150 Thai Baht.

Independent travellers can make their own way to the park. The entrance fee is 300 Thai Baht for 24 hours. There is a small village where you can buy basic provisions. There are also plenty of lodges where you can get a bungalow. Many of the bungalows are tree houses where you can spend hours admiring the view from high up in the canopy. It is also possible to rent a raft house on the lake.

No cars or motorbikes are allowed in the park. So the only way to get around is to walk or hire a mountain bike. Although lots of people will insist you take a guide, three trails in the jungle are clearly marked. You can make excursions by yourself to swim or spot the wildlife such as monkeys and giant monitor lizards.

The advantage of booking a tour of Khao Sok National Park is that the fee usually includes fun activities such as going on ziplines, kayaking and caving as well as entrance fees. The tours also include guided treks that can take you into the heart of the reserve to see more. Here is a list of the trails that start at the visitor’s centre:

1. Wing Hin Waterfall – 2.8 km

2. Bang Hua Rat Waterfall – 2.9 km

3. Wang Yao pool – 3 km

4. Bang Leab Nam Waterfall – 4.5 km – Accessible only with guide

5. Than Sawan Waterfall – 6 km – Accessible only with guide

6. Tang Nam gorge – 6 km – Accessible only with guide

7. Ton Kloi Waterfall – 7 km – Accessible only with guide

8. San Yang Roi view point – 2 km – Accessible only with guide

9. Sip-ed-Chun Waterfall – 4 km – Accessible only with guide

There is a great variety of flora and fauna to spot at the park. Flora includes the famous Rafflesia Flower that blooms late January, wild bananas, mangosteen, jackfruit and durian. Fauna includes Malayan tapir, Asian elephant, tiger, sambar deer, bear, guar, banteng, serow, wild boar, pig-tailed macaque, langur, white handed gibbons, squirrel, muntjak, mouse deer and barking deer.


Finally, there is the attraction of Cheow Lan Lak. It is above the Ratchaprapha Dam. Here you can stay on raft houses and explore in kayaks. The lake is particularly picturesque as it is a good place to see the limestone mountains that dot the landscape.

Khao Sok is notable as it is part of a very old forest (over 160 million years old). It was created by tectonic plate movement. This movement created the impressive limestone karsts visible today. It is estimated the park contains over 5% of the world’s species.

More reading: Official website.

May 11

Koh Phangan Activities

Koh Phangan continues to grow as a tourist destination with new activities becoming available for visitors every year. Although the island retains its laid-back character, it is beginning to challenge Koh Samui as a place to go for those who want more than just sun and sand. Here is a brief survey of things to do in Koh Phangan.


There is a good array of sporting activities on offer at Koh Phangan. There is now a mountain bike club who have been busy finding exciting trails to follow through the island. There is a huge interior and plenty of mountainous terrain for this sport to expand. Check out Mountain Biking Club in Thongsala

Kiteboarding is available at Ban Tai at Kiteboarding Asia. They have schools all over South East Asia and have a cool school on the Ban Tai coast.

Wake Up Wakeboarding in Chaloklum gives people the chance to enjoy a water skiing experience. It uses one board and the wake generated from a speed boat to create thrills and spills for the person being pulled.


Koh Phangan has long been a place for those interested in New Age therapies. There is Agama Yoga, the Yoga Retreat and The Sanctuary to name but three who offer yoga, colonic irrigation, Pilates and a diverse range of alternative activities to treat the body and mind.


There is over 10 kilometres of coral reef that runs parallel to the west coast of Koh Phangan. Haad Yao and Haad Salad offer great snorkelling. The best spot is Koh Ma at Mae Haad Beach. It is a national marine park just off the coast with a great selection of marine life to spot.


There are numerous dive shops in Koh Phangan offering PADI Open Water courses for about 12,000 Thai Baht. Those already qualified can make fun dives to such sites as Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle and Ang Thong National Marine Park. Unlike Koh Tao, Koh Phangan normally sends out small groups of divers. Also you don’t get pestered to join a dive course all the time, as is often the case at Koh Tao.


We at Zipline Adventure at Ban Tai offer both safaris and zipline adventure through the canopy of the jungle. Phangan Safari in Chaloklum also offers elephant trekking as well as snake shows.


There are several small companies organising tours of Koh Phangan. Most of them have boat tours taking customers around the island stopping off at the best beaches and snorkelling spots. There are also tours taking in temples such as the Chinese Temple and other places of interest.

Traditional Sauna

Wat Pho in Ban Tai has a traditional herbal sauna in the compound grounds. It is cheap and extremely hot. Most people can only manage a few minutes of its beneficial steamy heat. It is, however, a great experience.

Thai Boxing

There are Muay Thai schools in Thongsala and Haad Rin offering expert tuition in Thailand’s national sport. The island is full of ex-champions who have retired and now teach on the island. You can also catch a boxing match evening in the stadium in Thongsala. As well as Thai men the contestants include foreigners and women. Watching Muay Thai is an amazing cultural experience


Sailing enthusiasts can hire small boats at Cookies at Plaay Laem on the west coast.

From just this brief survey it is clear that there is plenty to do in Koh Phangan other than sunbathing and abandoning sobriety at all night techno parties. We are proud to be part of this exciting new development as Koh Phangan becomes an outdoor activity mecca in the south of Thailand.

Sep 17

Koh Phangan Tree House

Treehouse4We at Jungle Flight organize safari tours of the interior of Koh Phangan and of course take people on our ziplines through the jungle. Flying through the roof top of the jungle is an exhilarating experience and I believe that some of our customers will enjoy being high up in the trees so much that they would enjoy staying in a luxury tree house.

We don’t have any accommodation but we can recommend Charm Beach Resort just down the road in Baan Tai. It has a tree house for rent. It is a special place to stay that will appeal to nature lovers and those who like an elevated view.

The Tree House at Charm Beach Resort is on the beach. It has its own steps. Once you are up nestled in the leafy Bodhi tree you get uninterrupted views out to sea both from the room and from the balcony.

The tree house is small but fairly luxurious. It has air-con and cable TV with English language channels. There is also an en-suite bathroom with hot water. However, the best thing about the tree house at Charm Beach Resort is probably the balcony with hammock. It is a great place to chill and enjoy the view. You can enjoy the natural atmosphere, the canopy of the tree and also the great views. And best of all nobody can see what you are doing!

Staying in a tree is something unusual for visitors to Koh Phangan. It is way to have a unique holiday experience, and provides a great talking point for your holiday.

And for those who want to see more of the many different types of tree in Koh Phangan we recommend trying our ziplines. It only takes 5 minutes in a taxi from Charm Beach Resort to get to Jungle Flight.

To find out more about the tree house visit

Jul 24


As a local Koh Phangan person and a farmer I am always keen to promote tourism on the island that helps our guests experience the natural beauty of this wonderful island. Yes, the parties are good for business, and it is great to see people from all over the world having a good time, but what I really appreciate are businesses that help connect people to Koh Phangan’s nature. One such business is Wipeout.

Wipeout is an aquatic obstacle course set up on Laem Son Lake. This is the largest fresh water lake on the island and it is located near Srithanu on the west coast of Koh Phangan.

For a long time the lake has been forgotten – ever since they stopped mining zinc in the area, which was before I can remember. For years the lake had a couple of swing ropes and was largely ignored by both tourists and locals.

In 2013 this changed. Wipeout is a course that consists of 6 obstacles – Rope Swing, Monkey Bars, Rolling Barrels, Stepping Stones, Iceberg (large inflatable climbing wall), and Dumbbell. The idea is that people are timed doing the course and the winner is the person who can complete the course in the shortest time.

Afterwards there is plenty of fun to be had on the iceberg. One person lies on the large inflatable and another jumps on and bounces the other off. They fly through the air and into the water. It is quite an experience and worth a try.

Wipeout costs 500 Thai Baht per person. You can take as long as you want on the course. There is also a restaurant overlooking the lake where you can get delicious home cooked Thai food and cold drinks.

It makes a good day out and it is something different to do for all those who get bored lying on the beach. And, as I said before, it helps people to experience the beauty of nature on Koh Phangan.

Oct 29

Jungle Flight Refreshments

After a day out exploring the jungle and/or on the ziplines, you are sure to want a cold drink. Jungle Flight has cold drinks and cold beer back at HQ. It is important to keep hydrated when you are out in the Koh Phangan sunshine and Jungle Flight makes sure you have no excuse for not keeping up your fluid intake.

And of course if you just fancy coming to have a look, you can always pop in, have a drink and talk about doing a tour with us.

We also provide food. Here is our menu:

Phad Thai – 45 Thai Baht
Chicken/shrimp/pork fried rice – 50 Thai Baht

We serve delicious food at cheap prices.

Oct 28


Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We have lots of experience with ziplines. We set up our zipline columns using steel reinforced concrete. The ziplines are made from heavy duty steel cables. The set up is regularly checked and maintained to make sure no accidents happen

We use only the best equipment. we use Petzl brand harnesses and helmets.

Before anyone takes a zipline ride we familiarize them with the equipment, and make sure that they are correctly in the harness.

Then it’s just a matter of going down the line, enjoying the ride, seeing the jungle and feeling the wind rushing through your hair!

Jungle Safaris

Chai has years of experience taking people into the Koh Phangan rainforest. He knows the best routes and where the best places are to see the island flora and fauna.

He leads small groups into the jungle. He makes sure everyone is correctly prepared for the jungle. He also makes sure to protect the natural environment. He is an ideal guide to see the heart of the island.